dinsdag 25 maart 2014

2014 Belgian Nationals: July 20th - 26th

For 2014, the Belgian Nationals are returning to Laragne. Task days will be July 20th until July 26th. The Belgian Nationals will be held in the same spirit as the past years: we want a competition which provides a fair competition for seasoned competition pilots, but it also has to be a safe and fun experience for those who are new to competition flying or fly less often. To achieve that goal

  • tasks on good weather days are shorter than the day would allow for the top pilots, to give everyone a fair chance to fly a serious part of the course
  • tasks are set with safe landing areas in mind; the Laragne area with its wide valleys is very well suited for this and if we need to cross areas where more caution would be required, pilots will be well informed about the landing opportunities
  • we try to avoid having really difficult sections in the course, as much as the weather permits of course
Don't fear, the event is still a competition where we want the best pilot to win, so we won't be setting mini-tasks. But we won't be throwing 200 km tasks at the participants, no matter how nice the weather is... Just so you know in advance ;-)

There will be a sports class and a rigid class if at least 5 pilots turn up. So, if you plan to participate in one of those, get in touch with your peers and make sure they turn up as well! Women don't need to do so, they are treated nice no matter what :-)

The registration form will be up shortly and the same should apply to our event on the FAI calendar. More news soon!

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